We Need your Support!


Age Concern Christchurch wouldn’t be able to function without our valuable team of volunteers. We are looking at expanding and developing the services we provide and so are searching for a wide range of people to work with us.

We have various opportunities available:

  • Information and office assistants
  • Minibus drivers and assistants
  • Befrienders
  • Fundraisers
  • Retail assistants in our charity shops in Bargates and /or Tuckton
  • Leaders and assistants in our Friendship Groups

We are committed to matching volunteers to the most suitable role within Age Concern Christchurch and as we want our volunteers to feel valued, we offer training and support in all areas and encourage a good team atmosphere across the Organisation.

Whatever your strengths and experience we’d like to hear from you. We know that volunteering can be a powerful tool to both help people change their lives for the better or maintain a healthy mental wellbeing.

“Volunteering can increase volunteers’ longevity, improve their mental health, keep them fitter, and enable them to cope better with illness when it occurs. Volunteering also has a positive impact on a range of factors affecting health service users including their self-esteem, disease management, adoption of healthy behaviours, compliance with medical treatment and relationships with health care professional”. – Volunteering England.


This is what one of our volunteers has to say — “I am a 68 year old widow who came to settle in Christchurch, Dorset in 2011 having lived in South Africa for 43 years! On arrival here I knew nobody except my daughter, son-in-law and two granddaughters who all lead busy lives of their own! I needed to meet people and have some sort of purpose in life so voluntary work seemed the answer; I was lucky enough to come across the befriending scheme! I do not have a car or any special skills nor am I remotely athletic but I do enjoy a nice chat!!!

My first client is a lovely elderly gentleman who loves to share his interesting life with me and my second client is a lady has grown up in rural Dorset and loves to talk about her days as a girl groom at Badminton–we also discuss TV programmes and even went to a local History Society talk together. In the past, I have been involved with therapy dogs and am delighted to say she also has a little dog, which unfortunately is unwell.

One way and another, these two people have done a great deal to help me feel at home. I visit my two ‘clients’ once a week for a couple of hours and I get immense pleasure from it–they are very different. The fact that it is a commitment to visit regularly works for me as it would be so easy just not to bother on a rainy or miserable day but I would not want to disappoint either of them.

As so often happens with voluntary ‘work’ I seem to get more out of it than I put in!!”


If you have some time to spare, from as little as 3 hours a week, and want to put something back into your community, please call the ACC Office on 01202 488311 to obtain more information.

or complete the volunteer application form here

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In order to become a volunteer; Age Concern Christchurch requires that you provide us with two referees to endorse your character or skills. These referees cannot be related to you and must have known you for at least one year.

Referee No 1. Please include: Name, Address, Phone No, E-mail and relationship to you

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Age Concern Christchurch will contact these referees within two weeks of receiving this application form.

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