85 Bargates, Christchurch BH23 1QQ

Tel: 01202 801950

Our shop and main office at 85 Bargates, Christchurch is very popular with regular customers.

We only stock good quality furniture, household items, jewelry, glass, old books and pictures.

Our New shop at 50/52 Bargates only stocks good quality or good as new clothing and accessories. Please leave any donations at 85 Bargates where we have our stock room.

We are always looking for Good quality donations which are best received at 85 Bargates, but respectfully request that these are left wherever possible, while we are open and NOT  left on our door step overnight. Thank you.


teapots 14012014


I’m A Little Teapot !





The window dressing is forever changing due in the main to one of our volunteers, recent themes include:


Tennis week


wedding theme in Bargates