Guides & Factsheets

Age UK Information Guides and Factsheets are available in our office, or can be downloaded directly from the Age UK website by clicking on the links below.

Information guides

AgeUKIG01: Staying safe

AgeUKIG02: Lesbian, gay or bisexual

AgeUKIG03: When someone dies 

AgeUKIG04: Going solo

AgeUKIG05: Avoiding scams

AgeUKIG06: Care homes

AgeUKIG07: Going into hospital

AgeUKIG08: Housing options

AgeUKIG09: Health services

AgeUKIG10: Useful contacts

AgeUKIG12: Claiming benefits: a guide for people of working age

AgeUKIG13: Advice for carers

AgeUKIG14: Staying steady

AgeUKIG15: Managing incontinence

AgeUKIG16: Tax guide

AgeUKIG17: Adapting your home

AgeUKIG18: Help with legal advice

AgeUKIG19: Managing your money

AgeUKIG21: Powers of attorney

AgeUKIG22: Making the most of the internet

AgeUKIG23: Care at home

AgeUKIG24: Healthy living

AgeUKIG26: Personal budgets in social care

AgeUKIG27: Winter wrapped up

AgeUKIG28: Can I afford to retire?

AgeUKIG29: Looking after someone else’s affairs

AgeUKIG30: Save energy, pay less

AgeUKIG31: Wills and estate planning

AgeUKIG32: Bereavement

AgeUKIG33: Your rights at work

AgeUKIG34: Working past retirement

AgeUKIG36: Your consumer rights

AgeUKIG37: Caring for your eyes

AgeUKIG38: Healthy eating

AgeUKIG43: More money in your pocket

AgeUKIG44: In the driving seat

AgeUKIL1: Staying cool in a heatwave

AgeUKIL3: Flu prevention

AgeUKIL4: Internet security

AgeUKIL5: Care home checklist

AgeUKIL6: Equity release

AgeUKIL8: How to be an executor

AgeUKIL7: Home safety checker

AgeUKIL9: Digital switchover

Strength and balance exercises for healthy ageing

Information guide catalogue



Later life in the UK

FS1: Help with heating costs

FS2: Buying retirement housing

FS3: Television licence concessions

FS4: Rights at work

FS5: Dental care – NHS and private treatment

FS6: Finding help at home

FS7: Making a Will

FS8: Council and housing association housing

FS9: Anti-social behaviour in housing

FS10: Paying for permanent residential care

FS11: Help with looking for work or starting your own business

FS12: Planning for retirement: money and tax

FS13: Funding repairs, improvements and adaptations

FS14: Dealing with an estate

FS15: Income tax

FS16: Transgender issues in later life

FS17: Housing Benefit

FS18: Information about telephones

FS19: State pension

FS20: NHS continuing healthcare and NHS-funded nursing care

FS21: Council tax

FS22: Arranging for someone to make decisions about your finance or welfare

FS23: Help with continence

FS24: Self-directed support: Direct Payments & Personal Budgets

FS25 Returning from abroad

FS26: Public transport and concessions

FS27: Planning for a funeral

FS28 Tracing lost money

FS29: Finding care home accommodation

FS34: Attendance Allowance

FS35: Tenants rights: rent

FS37: Hospital discharge arrangements

FS38: Treatment of property in the means test for permanent care home provision

FS39: Paying for care in a care home if you have a partner

FS40: Deprivation of assets in the means test for care home provision

FS41: LA assessment for community care services

FS42: Disability equipment and how to get it

FS43: Getting legal advice

FS44: NHS services

FS46: Paying for care and support at home

FS48: Pension Credit

FS49: The Social Fund, Advances of Benefit and Local Welfare Provision

FS52: Disability living allowance

FS55: Carer’s Allowance

FS56: Guide to benefits for people under state pension age

FS58: Paying for temporary care in a care home

FS59: How to resolve problems and make a complaint about social care

FS60: Choice of accommodation

FS61: Help with health costs

FS62: Deprivation of liberty safeguards

FS63: Finding private rented accommodation

FS64: Retirement (sheltered) housing

FS65: Equity release

FS66: Resolving problems and making a complaint about NHS care

FS67: Tenants rights: repairs

FS68: Tenants rights: Security of tenure

FS69: Water advice

FS70: Dealing with disputes at work

FS71: Park Homes

FS72: Advance decisions, advance statements and living wills

FS73: Driving and parking

FS74: Challenging welfare benefit decisions

FS75: Debt advice

FS76: Intermediate care and re-ablement

FS77: The law on age discrimination

FS78: Safeguarding older people from abuse

FS79: The Equality Act 2010: the Public Sector Equality Duty

FS80: Employment and Support Allowance

FS81: Calculating income-related Employment and Support Allowance

FS82: Switching energy supplier

FS83: The Equality Act 2010: further and higher education

FS84: The Equality Act 2010 and employment

FS85: Consumer contract rights

FS86: Consumer: your rights under general contracts

FS87: Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

FS88: Universal Credit

FS89: Homelessness